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Most of our time is spent wading or drifting flats this time of year. Fishing the mouths of bayous on the Louisiana side of the lake is also very productive in the cold months for impressive stringers of big trout.


The best technique is to slow your retrieve way down. We typically throw tops, Catch 2000's or Catch V's and Corkys. Soft plastics worked very slow on the bottom are also effective. Remember, when the water temperature goes down in these cold months, if you think you're fishing too slow, slow it down some more.




The bait starts showing up this time of year over the deep oyster reef on the extreme south end of the lake. We spend alot of time "dredging" over shell catching big numbers of solid trout and Treds, plus some bonus flounder. The bait of choice are usually soft plastics dragged over the reef.


The lake, shorelines, and bayous also begin to come alive with the increasing water temps. The baitfish really begin to move with the tides. Flounder fishing can be phenomenal in the bayous and around the mouths, points, and  strands of roseau cane. Glo and chartreuse curl-tail or split-tail grubs tipped with shrimp are very hard for these tasty flatfish to resist. While all this is going on, big schools of trout are pushing shrimp to the surface under working gulls from one end of the lake to the other. This is a very exciting time of year to fish Sabine Lake, with several angling options when mother nature cooperates.




It's really heating up now with limits of trout and lots of redfish, spanish mackeral, ladyfish, jacks, and almost every inshore fish under the sun feeding in green water with light winds.


Most of our time is spent south of the Causeway bridge fishing the ship channel, jettys, or short rigs. However, it's still a tough decision between the Gulf or the lake, where fishing the birds and slicks are still very productive. The bayous and shorelines are also still in full swing.




Magic Time! Even on the ride in from the 12 mile rigs with seventy-five trout up to six pounds on hot afternoons, I always tell my clients that they owe it to themselves to come back in the fall. If you're lucky enough to time it right (between cold fronts with high pressure conditions and light northeast winds) its almost hard not to catch limits of trout and lots of reds. With the cold fronts come extreme low tides that flush the marshand bayous and pull the shrimp that had been stacked in there out into the lake.


This makes for easy pickens for massive schools of trout and reds that go on a gorging frenzy and force the shrimp to the surface where giant flocks of seagulls are hovering. It doesn't get much better than this, and if you're after big numbers and lots of fillets, the fall season on Sabine Lake is your time.


The big flounder are also on the move back to the Gulf during this time, and the shorelines and bayous are again very productive.